Saturday, October 16, 2010

chicken, string beans and bowties-mom's lazy dinner

This recipe I have been making for years and it is one my kids love.  It is usually pretty cheap to make. 

1 box any style pasta-we use bowties
1 lb string beans
1 lb chicken breast

I clean the string beans while I boil the water for the pasta.  I throw the string beans in first and then follow the directions for the pasta.  While that is cooking I cook my chicken.  My mom used to dip it in milk and then flour and brown it in a frying pan.  To save time, I throw them in the George Forman grill. 

If you are cooking your chicken on the stove, you can use the hot pan to make the gravy.  If I am grilling, I start my gravy when I start my noodles.

2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 cubes chicken boullian
1/2 cup cooking sherry(can substitute white wine)

I put everything in the pan and cook it until it gets thick.  I cook it on low and stir it occasionally.  There will be no leftovers.  Enjoy!


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